E-learning and women returning to work

This is the most enjoyable project I’ have been in - all went so well and the learners enjoyed it so much. There was a lot of support all through, for example in the use of Live Classroom. Also, having the money to be able to attend the meetings in Melbourne, i.e. not being out of pocket was great. front_of_ycen.JPG
We now have new course materials we can use again. I am now more confident that tutors can do things like the wiki themselves, so a significant increase in the organisation’s capacity to deliver.
Gail Harrison, Coordinator, Yackandandah Community Education Network

Blended learning at YCEN

Yackandandah wanted to target young mothers and mature age women in their community. The mums that are presenting for training are single mums with children at the local primary school or older women. Some have casual work, but all want to upgrade their skills to seek further employment now or when their children are older. They see IT skills as crucial in getting employment. They are mature aged students. Some have computers at home and as their kids are getting more proficient at school, they are keen to learn more themselves.
This particular learner group needs flexibility due to their constraints of work, child care or caring for livestock. They generally lack confidence and need a lot of support and encouragement. They are keen to improve their employability skills. An increase of skills will also benefit the centre as some of the women are keen to volunteer at the centre to help out and gain experience, which also helps with their employment outcomes.
Yackandandah delivered the ACFE funded Women returning to Work course. They developed a special program based on the Introduction to Cert 1 in IT – computer applications – a 20 hr course. They also added video and digital camera lessons, job seeking skills and customer service. Whatdid theye do? What were the outcomes? Click here to read more...

Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

At YCEN a clever use of ICTs means that most computer and multimedia courses involve blended learning. A clever use of ICTs could also mean a lot more online course materials for their students to access. This project has shown that ICT can become a valuable extra option for support to current courses as they make more materials available online for students. What have they done? What are the challenges? Click here to read more...

Organisational capacity and educational reach

The Yack­andandah Community Education Network (YCEN) is located in the Community Centre in High Street, Yack­andandah, and is managed by a Committee of Management, staff and local volunteers. The Community Centre is a Neighbourhood House, and provides support for a variety of community activities in a relaxing and friendly environment.They run a range of workplace and certificate courses, as well as health and fitness and other general courses for the comunity.
ICT is becoming an extra option for support to current courses as YCEN make more materials available online for students. What have they done? What are the challenges? Has the use of ICTs increased their reach? Possibly too early to say, but student feedback and their excellent results from the trial as well as and growing demand shows that the potential to extend their reach beyond immediate boundaries is definately there. Read more for full details on how YCEN will make this possible.

Community portrait

Yackandandah is situated in a valley between Wodonga and Beechworth in North East Victoria. The town has approximately 700 residents with several hundred more in surrounding areas. Yackandandah has a gold mining history and evidence of this can still be seen in the surrounding bushland. Yackandandah surrounded by rural land with a large state park nearby.